Girvan Community Sport Hub (GCSH) organises and delivers a sustainable programme of out-of-school sport and physical activities. 

Some examples of this are 'That Friday Thing', and our Easter and Summer Sports-Tastic programmes. GCSH also, provides a range of continuous Sports coach training programmes for local young people.


“That Friday Thing” (TFT) is a multi-sport /physical activity youth group run locally. We provide a wide range of sporting activities which are delivered by local young people who are undertaking their Sport Academy qualification through Girvan Academy. TFT runs on a Friday evening during term times.

Primary 6 - S1  6.30pm - 8pm

S2       7.30pm - 9.30pm

S3+       8.00pm - 9.30pm

cxkjjtxweaac94sjpgSPORTS-TASTIC '16

Sports-Tastic is a free programme of sport and physical activities for young people in primary 6 up to 18 years. Sports-Tastic runs during both Easter and Summer holidays and was organised and delivered by Girvan Community Sport Hub Co-ordinator Connor Watt and South Ayrshire Community Sport Hub Officer Gareth Turner, with partnership support from the Girvan Community Sport Hub. The Easter programme was delivered over 3 consecutive days and the summer programme was delivered every Wednesday over a 6 week period.

A core base of Sport Academy pupils and Young Sport Volunteers from Girvan Academy assisted in delivering the sessions. These young volunteers were then further supported by a network of paid instructors and coaches who delivered specialised sports and activities. Adopting a multi-sport approach, the programmes included a variety of locally known and lesser known sports and physical activities. This provided the young people involved with an opportunity to try new activities whilst having fun and being challenge.

Sport-Ober-Fest, delivered by Girvan Community Sport Hub during the October School Holidays, was a free one day pilot programme of sport and physical activities designed to increase people’s awareness and boost the profile of disability sport while also bringing young people together. This festival is hoped to be the catalyst in promoting future sporting opportunities for local people with a disability.

Sport-Ober-Fest has been organised by Girvan Community Sport Hub Co-ordinator Connor Watt, South Ayrshire Community Sport Hub Officer Gareth Turner and Gabriella McEwan who is a peer buddy with the Hand in Hand project: The Hand in Hand project is a local peer buddy project, delivered by Girvan Youth Trust, for young people with additional support needs. Gabriella is working through her Gold Youth Achievement Award and she chose to help design and work at this event for one of her challenges. This event is supported by Girvan Youth Trust, Girvan Academy, Sports Development South Ayrshire, South Ayrshire Active Schools and Hand in Hand.

The Hub adopted a multi-sport approach when organising this event being sure to include a variety of sports which would be able to be completed by those with the most complex additional support needs. This gave young people of all abilities and support levels the opportunity to try a variety of sports in an informal and fun setting. With this event being the first within the locality it allowed the Hub to establish a relationship with St Mirren’s Wheelchair Basketball Club.  

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