Mission Statement

"To provide services and activities that develops young people as individuals and members of society"

Our Aims

  • To promote the benefit of young people in Girvan and its environs without distinction of race, gender, political, religious or other opinions.
  • To associate with the local and statutory authorities, voluntary organisations and young people themselves in a common effort to advance education, further health and relieve poverty.
  • To provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreational and other leisure time occupation so that the social welfare and the conditions of life of the affore mentioned young people may be improved.
  • To provide, manage and administer an alcohol free café/ bar and centre for activities promoted by the company in furtherance to the above objectives or any of them.

Our Core Values

Z1 recognise the importance of having core values....

  • AUTONOMY: Personal independence and the capacity to make moral decisions and act on them
  • COMMITMENT:  Changing potential into reality
  • PASSION:  Wholehearted enthusiasm
  • RECOGNITION:  Appreciating the value of an achievement
  • RESPECT:  Being non-judgemental
  • RESPONSIBILITY:  Being real and consistent
  • SELF RESPECT:  Believe in your own worth and dignity